A Name and a Face

Under the title A Name and a Face, the Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre wants to bring possible victims and survivors back from anonymity. The names of the victims, their date and place of birth and place of murder are continuously projected, day and night, onto the museum’s special Name Wall.

A database of all the names has been developed from A Name and a Face. Data from various archives has been linked to give the fullest possible picture of the fate of the victims. In cooperation with the Red Cross in The Hague, data from the Judenrat card catalogue became available. Also, many volunteers entered transport lists and other data. Now, using the database, if someone asks about a certain person who was imprisoned at Westerbork, they can be told when they were deported to the East. Also unique is the data from the archives of the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe. The municipality still held details of almost 18.000 people. These cards contain details of profession, parents, spouses, children and address. Furthermore, many people have sent photos of relatives and acquaintances so the personal data literally has a face. Some of these photos can be found in the museum but there are more than 9.000 portraits so, due to a lack of space, only a few have been chosen for display. These details have helped families build their family trees and be reunited with their relatives.

The database of A Name and a Face is still growing and information is added each day by volunteers. The database of A Name and a Face cannot be accessed from the internet. However, you can always email your questions to the staff of the Collection Department.