Resistance Memorial


On 20th September 1943, the Germans shot ten resistance fighters at Witterveld in Assen. They were cremated in the crematorium of Camp Westerbork and their remains were buried behind the building. These were found in 1949. The commemoration of resistance fighters was the initiative of the 1940-1945 Foundation who arranged for a gravestone with the names of the men who rest there. At the request of the relatives, the gravestone was placed behind the crematorium. More human remains were found at the same crematorium. These were from 48 resistance fighters and four Jews who were executed at the crematorium between September 1943 and October 1944. Their remains were reburied after the war in Groningen, Beilen and Loenen.
The crematorium, which was commissioned by camp commander Gemmeker and came into use in 1943, was demolished in 1951, despite the desire of the 1940 to 1945 Foundation to preserve the building as "(...) a symbol of tyranny of National Socialism and the suffering and death of Jews and members of the Resistance (is). The Crematorium is an historical monument and an authentic piece of war documentation. "