Westerbork and other Camps

Auschwitz, the most commonly known concentration and extermination camp, was not the only destination for deportees from Westerbork. Much less known is that a large number of Dutch Jews were murdered in Sobibor. Trains from Westerbork had multiple destinations apart from Auschwitz and Sobibor. In memory of these concentration and extermination camps there is a memorial to the other concentration camps, designed by Victor Levie. It has been placed near the entrance to the former camp.
The initiative for the placement of the memorial came from Jules Schelvis, one of eighteen Dutch survivors of the Sobibor extermination camp. There is a commemorative plaque for each destination; Sobibor, Mauthausen, Bergen-Belsen, Auschwitz and Theresienstadt, showing the numbers of deportees and victims.
The signs were unveiled on 11th March, 2001 by Jules Schelvis and former Prime Minister Wim Kok.