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Houses of Darkness

This show is available from 08 July 2022
Houses of Darkness

Houses of Darkness is an international project in which Herinneringscentrum Kamp Westerbork (Netherlands), Falstadsenteret (Norway), and Gedenkst├Ątte Bergen-Belsen (Germany) explore and untangle the complexity of perpetrator spaces related to the Second World War. Theproject runs from December 2020 to December 2023 and includes a variety of on-site and online activities. These three art projects are on display in the memorial museums. 

His Name Is My Name

His Name is My Name is an animated documentary series on Instagram that explores how the crimes of World War II perpetrators still reverberate in today's society and shake the seemingly solid foundations of our family histories.

Perpetrator Perspectives

In Falstadenteret, artist Jakob Ganslmeier and author Simon Stranger developed a series of creative interventions in the former commander's house. Using video installations and text, they explore different perspectives on perpetration.

If A Tree Fell In A Forest

If a tree fell in a forest, but no one heard it, did it really make a sound? The video installation If A Tree Fell In A Forest at the Gedenkst├Ątte Bergen-Belsen examines the meaning and visibility of narratives around perpetrators.

The project website provides more information about the three art projects and related activities. You can also enter into a conversation about the theme of perpetratorship with chatbot Lucy here.

Houses of Darkness is made possible with the support of Creative Europe, Province of Drenthe, Dutch Culture, Gerhardt and Mieke Meijer education fund, Fritt Ord Foundation and Mondriaan Fund.

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