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Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre gives meaning to the historical site of Camp Westerbork in an active and dynamic way. We focus on how every single story of life contributes to one big picture on the Holocaust: Camp Westerbork is the story of 102,000 times the murder of one human being. We aim to keep memories alive to all of those who were imprisoned in Camp Westerbork and link their struggles to today’s dilemmas. In doing so, we aim to develop into an international authority on the legacy of war, in particular the Holocaust.

Because Camp Westerbork has been designated as an ANBI by the Ministry of Finance, donations are completely free from inheritance and gift tax. As a result of the introduction of the Giving Act, the General Benefit Institutions have a duty of disclosure.

Camp Westerbork Memorial Centre
Oosthalen 8
9414 TG Hooghalen
0593 - 592600
info (@) kampwesterbork.nl
RSIN: 63.44.318

Employees of the Memorial Centre are covered by the Collective Labour Agreement for Welfare & Social Services. The remuneration policy for directors (Supervisory Board) does not apply. They only receive reimbursement of travel expenses. The members of the Supervisory Board and the Advisory Board do not receive any vacancy fees and can only be reimbursed for expenses incurred.

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  • Unesco

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